Naomi & Peter


We are happy to welcome Naomi & Peter once again at Leapin’ Lindy 2017. They enjoy teaching in Bern, and we are happy to have them back with us!

Naomi Uyama originates from Washington DC, USA. She has discovered Lindy Hop at a young age, when she followed her passion and quickly danced to the top together with her close friend Nina Gilkensen. Since then, Naomi has become one of the most successful and most admired female dancers in the international Lindy hop scene. As a teacher, she is known for her thorough understanding of the follower’s part in the dance, as well as for her skills in rhythm and improvisation. But her passion for jazz music and authentic jazz dances go beyond that. In collaboration with the Gordon Webster Band, the Boilermaker Jazzband and Jonathan Stout, she is not only dancing, but also singing jazz with great success. Gordon Webster has said about her: “When she starts to sing, jazz steps come out of her mouth.”

Peter Strom is among the best Lindy hop dancers around the world. He and Naomi teach at their dance school “Uptown Swing” in Minneapolis, USA, a scene which Peter helped to build up. Peter has learned the Lindy Hop through social dancing, which shines through today in his musical style, his concepts of leading and following and his out-of-the-box-thinking both on the social as well as on the competitive dance floor. Besides Swing, also Hip Hop, Funk or Soul get Peter moving.