Vintage* Boutique

Saint Savoy
Discover the lovely shoes of Saint Savoy. Dancing shoes for ladies and gents inspired by the vintage style of the 20ies an 30ies or the boogie woogie, jive and rock’n’roll styles of the 30ies, 40ies and 50ies. Saint Savoy shoes are designed for dancing but can also be worn on the street. Made in Europe under fair working conditions.
Dancing shoes by Léo Dance Italy, well known for their quality and comfort. Claude Cataldi, a former boogie woogie and rock’n’roll professional, has been running a dance shoe shop for almost 20 years. He is a true dance shoe expert. At Leapin’ Lindy he will display his best lindy hop shoes. Styles and colors can be freely combined to your liking.
Rita's Shoes
Rita’s Shoes produces custom-made dance shoes. Every pair of shoes is unique, made exclusively for it wearer. The shoes are handmade in Croatia. At Leapin’ Lindy Rita’s will sell a limited number of shoes at a discounted price. Of course you can also measure your feet, select styles and colors and order your custom-made shoes.
Meine Garderobe
Meine Garderobe offer a wide range of offer vintage fashion and accessories both for men and women. It is true vintage, but still in good condition. Meine Garderobe also sell vintage-inspired new retro-clothes. Check it out!

Meggy's Scarves
Lovely wired scarves and hair accessories handmade by Meggy. Made form beautiful ornamented fabric these scarves are ideal for doing flowers and ribbons thanks to the soft wireframe.
Coin Trouvailles: pretty dresses, skirts, shirts, lace garments, hats, belts and scarfs selected by Nadja & Helen. Browse and enjoy!

* The Vintage Boutique offers mostly vintage-inspired retro-style articles and only a few true vintage pieces.