Turntable Heros

Fräulein MinnieFräulein Minnie
Fräulein Minnie has been a passionate Lindy Hop, Charleston and Balboa dancer as well as a teacher and DJ for many years. She not only loves the sparkling figures and moves of the dance but also the music that makes people move that way. Being a DJ has enabled her to discover a whole new world beyond the dance, a world full of musical pearls and amazing stories.
DJ BernieDJ Bernie
DJ Bernie is a Lindy Hop and Balboa dancer and a devoted swing music lover. He does not care whether a track is from 1926 or 2016.
“As long as it really swings, anything goes. Clearly, 30ies and 40ies big bands have the highest energy.
Apart from them, there are countless bands today that keep swing music alive and play music that is wonderful to dance to. As a DJ, I am constantly trying to find the right mix between old and new.
DJ BubblesDJ Bubbles
Ann (CA/PL) began dancing lindy hop in Waterloo, Canada. Since finding her first songs, she has DJed there until she moved to Switzerland for her PhD. Digging through old stuff and new, small group and big band, North American and European, she aims to create an atmosphere worthy of creativity and playing around with the dance.