There are 4 lindy hop levels, 2 Shag levels, and 2 Authentic Jazz levels. We do not run an audition at Leapin’ Lindy because we trust you to select the right level yourself. Please read the level description carefully, and if you are not sure what level is best for you, go ask your dance teacher or some other advanced dancers for their opinion.
Go rather one level too low than too high so it’s more fun for all participants.

Important: There is no beginner level at Leapin’ Lindy 2020! Beginners can come to the parties and get inspired. After Leapin’ Lindy there are always beginner classes starting in Bern. You can find all information here: Swing Machine Bern


Beginner-Intermediate – LampenfieBÄR
You’ve been dancing for about a year and you know most basic moves like the swing out, the lindy circle, tuck turn, some Charleston variations and some more figures. This is not a beginner level!

Intermediate – RumtreiBÄR
You have been dancing for at least two years and you regularly show up in classes and on the social dance floor. The basic lindy moves are a piece of cake for you and you can dance them properly at intermediate tempos. You want to learn new moves and want to improve on your lead/follow technique. Concepts like connection or musicality are familiar to you and you want to get better at them.

Intermediate Advanced – StreBÄR
You are an experienced dancer who can lead/follow precisely even at high tempos. At international workshops with auditions, you have already danced in the intermediate advanced / advanced level. You want to do more than just moves and styling and you want to work on advanced technique, musicality and improvisation.

Advanced – AngeBÄR
This is the highest level. At international workshops, with auditions, you dance in the advanced level. In this level dance and technique are taught in a more complex and demanding way. You are able to dance a big range of different Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz moves, even at high tempos. This level is not about new moves, but advanced lead / follow techniques, dynamics, musicality and improvisation.

You might have already participated in international competitions and you probably teach Lindy Hop at a high level or you are just a great dancer who spends most of the leisure time on the dance floor



Shag up your Lindy Hop

This level addresses all those who already know the basics of Swing dancing in couples. This level does not teach how to lead and follow but much more it teaches partecipants to learn the basics of Shag. If you dance Lindy Hop or have been dancing Shag for a few month, this could be the right level for you.

Intermediate +

This level is for all those who already master the basics of shag and want to learn new moves and techniques. Since this is the first year we offer Shag, the content of the class will be created around the average level of the class. Important is that you already dance Shag at a medium to high level and you regularly dance shag on the dance floor. Be ready to Shag! 😀



Authentic Jazz 1 Intermediate
You are familiar with some of the basic jazz steps from the swing era and are eager to get a wider vocabulary and a bigger confidence in how to solo dance to jazz music.

Authentic Jazz 2 Advanced
You should have the knowledge and be confident with a big variety of different jazz steps. Learning new steps and putting them in a sequence is not a problem. Your understanding for the music now makes it easy for you to put your own flavor and personality, in terms of movements and rhythm, to what in the beginning could be thought of as “only” steps.