Code of Conduct

The Swingmachine Berne organizes public dance events with the aim of creating a safe and comfortable environment where everybody can have a good time. We adhere to the following basic principles:

1. Everybody is welcome
We treat each other respectfully and we don’t discriminate against anyone.

2. We acknowledge and respect boundaries
We acknowledge that another person’s boundaries – whether physical or verbal – might not be the same as our own. We try to recognize each others’ boundaries and we respect them.

3. We dance with each other – if both partners agree

Both followers and leaders can ask somebody for a dance. We are free to say “no” to a dance at any time, and we respect another person’s “no.“ Both leaders and followers are also free to break off a dance at any point.

4. We do not want dance floor rowdies
Whether as followers or as leaders, we look out for our own physical safety as well as for that of others. We adapt our dancing to the available space, and we dance in accordance with our skill level (e.g. kicks and aerials) and our current condition (e.g. influence of alcohol). In the case of a collision, we appreciate an apology.

5. Parties are no place for unsolicited advice and instruction
We don’t give unsolicited advice to our dance partners on the social dance floor. We want to have fun together without making anyone feel insecure.

6. We talk about uncomfortable situations and harassment
If we find ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, we try to talk to the person in question or with a trusted person. This can be someone from the event team, a dance teacher, or a member of the Swingmachine board.

7. We look out for each other
If we observe a situation where somebody seems to be uncomfortable, we try to approach the person and offer our help – it is better to be safe than sorry.

Anyone who endangers or harasses another person, who disrespects another person’s boundaries, or who disregards requests to change their behavior, may be asked to leave and may be banned from Swingmachine events by an event organizer or by a member of the board. By following the above principles, we help provide fun experiences in Berne’s swing dance scene, offering a comfortable space for everybody.