Info & Registration

Online registration is closed now. You can still register through the contact form. There are only a few spots left.

Please read the Level Description and the Terms before you register!

Booking Status

Level A: Full
Level B: Full
Level C: Full
Level D: Full
Level E: Almost full
Friday Solo: Full
Friday Tap: Almost full
Auth. Jazz 1: Almost full
Auth. Jazz 2: Almost full

Partner Registration for Lindy Hop Levels B – E
We aim to balance the number of leaders and followers in our Lindy Hop classes. Therefore you need to sign up together with a dance partner.  Of course you and your dance partner must register for the same Lindy level. During class, you will of course regularly change dance partners. For Lindy Hop Level A, Solo Friday and the Authentic Jazz Track you can sign up without a dance partner.

How Partner Registration Works
The leader has to register first. He/she must provide the name of the follower during the registration process. He/she will then receive an email with the Booking ID. The follower can then register and enter the first and last name and the Booking ID of the leader on the registration form. The follower has to register within 3 days after the leader.

We are not running a dance partner search pool on our website. If you are looking for a dance partner for registration, we recommend you ask around in your dance class or on the social dance floor. This also ensures that both of you have the same dancing level and fit in the same course level. If you do not find a partner for registration, you can use the discussion section of our FB-event to find one.

Hot Lunch
On Saturday and Sunday a full meal is served a Turnhallen Neufeld where the Lindy Hop and Jazz classes take place. The meal costs CHF 10 and you need to sign up for it when your register for the classes. There is also a veggie option.

If you want to stay with a local during Leapin’ Lindy, you can sign up for private hosting on the registration form. Our hosting team then will get in contact with you sometime in late December.

Booking Confirmation
After your registration, we will send you an email with payment information. Once we have received your payment, we will send you a booking confirmation. If you do not pay within 5 working days, your booking may be cancelled and your spot offered to other dancers.

Any Questions?
If you have questions, you can reach us via the contact form. Before you do so, please check the info on the website and the read the FAQ.