Terms and Conditions

Your booking with Leapin’ Lindy is binding. Upon submitting the registration form you will receive payment information by email. The fee must be paid within 5 working days. For partner registration, the payments for both participants are required. Payments have to be made in Swiss Francs. Only bank transfer, no credit card or Paypal payments. Transfer fees are borne by the participant.
If we do not receive your payment in time, your registration can be canceled and your spot offered to other dancers.

In case of cancellation, refunds are granted as follows:

Cancellation Refund
Until Jan 5th 2020 100%
Jan 6th – 26th 2020 50%
As of Jan 27th 2020 0%

The refund policy does also apply in case of injury or illness. We suggest that you contact your local insurance company to check if you can buy a cancellation insurance. That is to be fully protected If you for any reason have to cancel your participation.
If you cannot attend on short notice, we will try to find a replacement for you. A refund may be granted if we succeed. We cannot guarantee this. The refund policy remains applicable at all times.
Of course, you can also try to find a replacement for yourself. If you give your ticket to someone else, you have to inform us before check-in opens. You do still owe the course fee to us, but you can claim it back from your replacement.

Participants of Leapin’ Lindy are not insured by the organizer. The organizer disclaims all liability.

Artists at Leapin ‘Lindy
Flights may be delayed or canceled, artists can get ill. We’ll do our best to have you benefit from the lineup you’ve signed up for at Leapin’ Lindy. However, for various reasons, individual artists may not be able to participate at the Leapin’ Lindy. This means that the workshop schedule can be adjusted or you will have other teachers than announced. Of course, we will provide a worthy replacement.