Evita Arce (United States)


Evita Arce, a world renown Lindy Hop dancer and teacher, has dedicated her 20 year career to the art of social dance and continually explores improvised performance.  Professional credits include the lead role with partner, Michael Jagger, in the touring Broadway production of “SWING!”, demonstrating Lindy Hop at the Kennedy Center for “Let Freedom Swing” with Jazz at Lincoln Center, “Swing is the Thing” with several Philharmonic orchestras and advancing to finals on the TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance”.  Evita attributes her technique and style to her teachers Ryan Francois, Jenny Thomas and Virginie Jensen as well as her cultural and family heritage of Mexican dances and Spanish flare.  Evita was featured in the 2016 documentary film “Alive and Kicking” which celebrates and showcases the modern Lindy Hop community.  Most recently she has had the privilege of working with Caleb Teicher and Company on new projects continuing the exploration of jazz rhythms and improvised partnered movement.  You can follow Evita’s calendar and continue to learn from her at www.syncopatedcity.com

Nathan Bugh (United States)


Nathan Bugh is a swing-dance champion, teacher, and entertainment headliner based in New York. He is known worldwide for his intimately rhythmic style of Lindy and vernacular jazz. He has showcased these styles in many iconic venues, such as Jazz At Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Harlem’s Apollo Theater, Jacob’s Pillow, and the Guggenheim. He is a principle dancer in the feature film, Rebel In The Rye, and in several music videos, including the Weepies, Be My Honey Pie. Active in the Lindy Hop scene since the 1990’s, Nathan has earned numerous first-place titles in Solo Jazz, Lindy Hop, Team, Jack and Jill, Invitational, Slow Dance, and Mix/Match divisions, at major events like ALHC, ULHS, and ILHC. He won his first national contest in 2002 as a follower. He is also the choreographer of Yeah Man, the 2015 ILHC Team champions.


Nathan is a veteran of huge camps, like Lindy Focus, Camp Jitterbug, Paris Jazz Roots, and Herräng Dance Camp. In the classroom he focuses on intention, rhythm, and applied technique, rather than technique for its own sake. He can be a challenging teacher sometimes, but he loves dance and dance students!

Michael Jagger (United States)

Michael has been dancing Lindy Hop for over 20 years, and he has traveled the globe with his regular teaching partner, Evita Arce, for over 13 years. In the classroom, he emphasises the importance of creating and strengthening connection with one’s partner, and on the social dance floor his aim is to provide dance partners a safe, positive place to play.

For 6 years, Michael was the co-executive director of Syncopated City Dance Company, the premier professional dance company in NYC specialising in vernacular dance for stage and screen. Performance highlights include Jacob’s Pillow Dance, Ulster Ballet’s Festival of Dance, The Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., Jazz at Lincoln Center and The Rainbow Room to name but a few. He has also been a featured dancer in the Lindy track for several tours of Broadway’s Swing! The Musical, the role which was originally conceived and performed by his mentors, Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas.

Some of Michael’s biggest influences and inspiration come from the likes of Ryan and Jenny, David Dalmo, Fred Astaire, Tommy Rall, Nathan Bugh, and Evita Arce. He feels insanely blessed for the life dancing has afforded him, and you can find out more about Michael at michaelandevita.com.