Viviane Fahrni


I began to dance Lindy hop in 2007 but I really got started with swing dancing five years later at Herräng Dance Camp 2012 where I first tried Boogie Woogie and Balboa. Since 2013 I’ve been teaching Lindy hop in Biel, Switzerland. I started to dance and teach Collegiate Shag in 2014 and have been part of Stephen & Chanzie’s Euro Shag Team performance at Rock that Swing Festival in Munich in spring 2015. Thereafter I had the great opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for five weeks and be tutored by Stephen, practicing and teaching his local classes with him. We taught workshops together in a handful of events in Europe. Nowadays I’m mostly teaching local classes with my dance partners Roman Wyler and Florian Zbinden in Biel and Bern.

Patrick O’Brien


Patrick is at the forefront of Europe’s Shag scene, teaching and promoting the dance around Europe. Dancing since 2013, he is mostly inspired by the original dancers and the old-school scene in 90s LA. He is known for his smooth, but fast style. When he is not dancing he can also be found behind a microphone as an MC or behind the decks as a DJ under the pseudonym Dr Rhythm.